Help! I think my Car A.C. Opened a portal to Hades!

It’s normal for your car to leak small amounts of refrigerant each year.  However, it seems like there’s a nspiracy for A/C’s to stop working on the hottest days of the year.  I know because my car stopped blowing cold when it was 114 degrees outside!  Desperately, I searched Google’s infinite database to find a priest to close this gateway to hell!   Then miraculously logic kicked in and I realized I was forced to spend a long day at the beach.   

If you’re A/C is blowing warmer than usual, turn the air off.  Leaving the air running when blowing warm air could cause further fluid leakage and or damage the compressor. 

There are 3 different types of Air conditioning Systems In vehicles.  Although the systems differ, they’re made up of the same primary parts.  These differences and what part of the A/C system needs repair, cause repair cost to vary.  The amount of refrigerant to be added and/or hoses replaced; can cost any where from $150 to a few hundred dollars.  If the condenser needs repair, the amount can range anywhere from $1,200- $3,000.00.  Be sure to get a few quotes to see what a fair repair cost for your vehicle type is.

I recommend purchasing an extended warranty from a reputable company for vehicles with Mileage under 100,000 miles.  I purchased an extended warranty from Mercury when I bought my car.  My extended warranty covered the $1,200.00 bill to replace my A/C condenser.  Such a relief!

We will publish a future article on the pros and cons of Extended Repair Warranties.  Here is a link to the Mercury Insurance warranty I purchased.

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